Contact Us

We at are always looking to help students, teacher and affiliates with any questions, concerns, or issues you may have. Here are the best methods to contact us:

  1. Contact Form - This is the best way to contact us regarding any issues that you may have. Whether it is course information, billing, support issue, or if you are a teacher and need help setting up one of your courses.

  2. We prefer all of our contact requests to go through our Contact Form but if you wish to email us, you can at contact(at)

  3. Contact a Teacher - If you are enrolled in a course and would like to contact your teacher you can do that like follows:

    1. Login to your Account
    2. Click on Learn tab
    3. Click on View Course, for the course you have a question on
    4. Click Messages tab
    5. Click on Contact Teacher

  4. By Phone: If you are in need of immediate assistance, and you wish to contact us by phone. Learnopia Inc. is a Robin Hood Technology Inc partner.

    Phone: 1.877.703.8590
    Office Hours: 9am to 5pm (Eastern Time) Monday to Friday

  5. Corporate Address:
    Learnopia Inc.
    555 Industrial Drive
    Milton, Ontario L9T 5E1