How To Start A Record Company: Independent Record Label 101

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Price: $99.00 Date Published: May 20, 2013
Hours: 6.00 School: Burrell Brothers Recording Industry Institute
Materials: Teacher: Rheji Burrell
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Course Description

Students receive a very strong understanding in areas listed, but not limited to: entity formation and structure, documentation, organization affiliation, procedure, product production, presentation & solicitation, distribution & manufaturing and marketing. In short, from beginning to end and all the essentials in-between.
(1hr. course - 6 sessions)

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Course Materials

Students will learn key Words, Terms and Phrases utilized throughout the recording industry. You can't talk to the people, if you don't speak the language!

(1hr. - 1 of 6 Sessions)

  Material Name Type Size Length
Most Commonly Used Terms PDF 54.11 KB 4 pages
Test Name Pass Questions
Lingo & Terminology Test 80.00% 5

Independent Study Tasks:

Perform each of the 3 tasks as soon as possible. It can be done in an afternoon.

*PayPal takes a couple days to varify your account.

(1hr. - 2 of 6 Sessions)

  Material Name Type Size Length
Name Your Companies PDF 18.92 KB 1 page
Register Your Companies PDF 19.18 KB 1 page
Banking Account PDF 20.77 KB 1 page
Test Name Pass Questions
Entity Formation Test 80.00% 5

Students learn Pre-Production, Production and Post Production theory, procedure and protocol. Also, essential resources and contacts.

(1hr. - 3 of 6 Sessions)

  Material Name Type Size Length
Securing Talent PDF 28.68 KB 1 page
Recording Budget & Recording PDF 28.73 KB 1 page
Delivering A Finished Product PDF 21.33 KB 1 page
Test Name Pass Questions
Production and Manufacturing Test 80.00% 5

Paperwork includes: Writer & Publisher Split Sheet, Studio Session Sheet and Professional Union Affiliation information. Copy my examples and design your own. (With your Logo / Letterhead)

* Please keep all invoices and receipts for your records.

(1hr. - 4 of 6 Sessions)

  Material Name Type Size Length
Songwriter & Publisher Split Sheet PDF 173.75 KB 1 page
Studio Session Sheet PDF 167.61 KB 1 page
Professional Union Affiliation PDF 94.00 KB 1 page
Test Name Pass Questions
Documentation Test 80.00% 5

Student explore concepts in Packaging and EPK Design, Deal Memo and Deal Types and Theory.

(1hr. - 5 of 6 Sessions)

  Material Name Type Size Length
Business Components PDF 93.62 KB 1 page
Product Components PDF 94.72 KB 1 page
Acquisition Components PDF 94.88 KB 1 page
Test Name Pass Questions
Presentation & Solicitation Test 80.00% 5

Independent Study Tasks: Distribution & Sales, Radio and Advertising, Promotion & Live Events.

(1hr. - 6 of 6 Sessions)

  Material Name Type Size Length
Distribution & Sales PDF 91.70 KB 1 page
Radio PDF 92.24 KB 1 page
Advertising, Promotions & Live Events PDF 93.02 KB 1 page
Test Name Pass Questions
Marketing Test 80.00% 5

Course Reviews

Rheji Burrell

Since 1988, the Burrell brothers have been and still are professional recording artists, musicians, songwriters, producers, audio engineers, artist managers and record label CEOs.

Rheji Burrell has indie and Major Label / recording industry experience which has earned him RIAA certified Multi-platinum sales award status by personally working with icons such as Clive Davis, Sylvia Rhone, Timmy Regisford, Sean Diddy Combs, Dame Dash, Barry Hankerson, DJ Clark Kent, Jo Jo, Aaliyah, Total, Monifah, Mase, Foxy Brown, Big L., Jaz-O, Montell Jordan, Heavy D., Soul For Real, Toni Braxton, Juelz Santana, Lady Ga Ga and Vincent Herbert just to name a very few. Mr. Burrell has various works with Universal, EMI, Sony, Virgin, Capitol, Atlantic, RCA and Interscope records. He has signed publishing deals with Virgin / EMI, Warner Chappell and Nottinghill and is a member of the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and the American Federation of Musicians (AF of M Local 802).

Mr. Burrell has an intimate knowledge of matters regarding music production, manufacturing & distribution and marketing as well as professional union affiliation, documentation, procedure and campaign strategies, not to mention over 30+ years of time-tested industry relationships with record executives, invaluable contacts and resources.

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