Baby's First Test: Newborn Screening Information for Parents

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Course Description

Aimed to expectant families and parents that want to learn more about newborn screening, this short e-course will prep you on what to expect from Baby's First Test.

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Course Materials

An overview of newborn screening and information about what to expect from this course.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Overview PDF 20.25 KB  
What Is Newborn Screening? PDF 13.80 KB  

Overview of the newborn screening procedures.

  Material Name Type Size Length
NBS Procedures PDF 35.17 KB  
Newborn Screening Results--What Do They Mean? PDF 24.06 KB  
Positive or out-of-range results PDF 13.47 KB  

In Your State

  Material Name Type Size Length
In Your State PDF 25.19 KB  

Newborn Screening Resources

  Material Name Type Size Length
Glossary PDF 56.91 KB  
Further Reading PDF 35.98 KB  
Test Name Pass Questions
Test Your Knowledge 60.00% 5

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Baby's First Test

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