DLT006: Dance Ministry Genres - Week #1

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Price: Date Published: February 2, 2014
Hours: 1.00 School: Dance Leadership Training Certification
Materials: Teacher: Kimberly Brown
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Course Description

This course is designed to you a solid foundation in dance ministry and an introduction to the dance ministry genres including a review of the following themes: The Purpose of Dance Ministry, Preparing for Dance Ministry and Liturgical Dance Defined.

Course Materials

This chapter is review from DLT005: The Purpose of Dance Ministry. After reviewing this chapter, please complete the quiz in the folder.

* Video is not narrated.

  Material Name Type Size Length
DLT006: Dance Ministry Genres - WK1 - PDF PDF 888.84 KB 11 pages
Test Name Pass Questions
DLT006: WK1 Quiz 60.00% 10

Course Reviews

Kimberly Brown

Kimberly has been ministering through song, mime, praise/worship dance, prophetic and interpretive dance over 10 years and has seen the Lord do mighty things in her ministry. She is the founder & Artistic Director of Christ Center for Dance (CCD) and oversee the Worship Arts School, Gathering Connection Fellowship, Reveal Dance Theater and Nobodies Theater Company. She has also developed a 2-year leadership training certification for dance leaders under the umbrella of CCD. She is a certified Dance Instructor with Dance & Gym USA Association and has birth 3 dance ministries in the Greater Philadelphia Area. In the body of Christ, she has held the title of Drama Leader, Dance Leader & Praise/Worship Leader. She has written and directed 8 dance and theater productions. Kimberly received her formal technical training from Koresh Dance Company, Philadelphia and Dance World, Erdheim where she was also a dance instructor.She is an anointed worship artist, session leader and conference host. She has a heart to praise and worship Him with all that is within her-"For in Him we move and have our being" (Acts 17:28). Currently, Kimberly is pursing a degree in Biblical and Education Studies at Liberty University.

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