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Price: FREE Date Published: July 30, 2010
Hours: 1.00 School: Intro to Learnopia
Materials: Teacher: Adam Thomas
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Course Description

This course reviews all of the features of Learnopia from the perspective of a teacher. By the end of the course you will be comfortable with building, publishing and running a course.

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Course Materials

This chapter will review some of the features that should be considered before you start building your course.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Teacher and School Setup Video 8.24 MB 4.48 minutes
Teacher PSD Helper Files ZIP 30.41 KB 2 files

This chapter will review the process of building a course and having it published.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Creating a Course Video 4.30 MB 2.67 minutes
Chapter and Materials Video 4.82 MB 3.23 minutes
Creating a Test Video 3.64 MB 2.53 minutes
Publishing a Course Video 5.85 MB 3.82 minutes
Course PSD Helper Files ZIP 49.12 KB 2 files

This chapter focuses on the features available once a course has been published.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Dashboard and Advanced Settings Video 4.38 MB 2.75 minutes
Enrollment, Messaging and Discussion Video 5.85 MB 3.23 minutes
Pricing and Keywords Video 5.88 MB 3.55 minutes
Building a Course Checklist PDF 50.26 KB  

Course Reviews

Adam Thomas is an online learning community that allows teachers, students and affiliates to collaborate. Teachers are able to create, host, and sell (or give away for free) their online courses. Students can easily find high quality learning materials and add a new skill for their career, or learn a new hobby. Affiliates can marketing premium courses and even earn a "lifetime" of extra income by just letting others know about our services.

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