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Price: Date Published: August 8, 2012
Hours: 10.00 School: Southern Fire
Materials: Teacher: Amber Ridinger
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Course Description

This is a basic astrology class focusing on learning to read a birth chart.

This course requires that you allow the teacher, Amber Ridinger access to your email, first and last name. For more information view our documentation.

Course Materials

Lets start from the beginning. Almost everything has a glyph to represent something, so lets learn those first.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Glyphs PDF 68.42 KB  

Lets dig in to the individual parts

  Material Name Type Size Length
Digging into the Zodiacs PDF 161.76 KB  
Digging into the Planets PDF 56.83 KB  

Now to pick the chart apart.

  Material Name Type Size Length
What are the parts of the chart? PDF 130.96 KB  
The Houses PDF 187.29 KB  

Time to look at how the planets interact with each other on a birth chart.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Find the Aspect PDF 77.93 KB  

Time to put everything together

  Material Name Type Size Length
Put it together PDF 31.55 KB  

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