Power Purposes

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Price: FREE Date Published: November 18, 2010
Hours: 8.00 School: Power Thinking School
Materials: Teacher: Eric Mulford
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Course Description

The is the foundational lesson in the Power Coaching Series. You will identify your primary purpose in your life or your business. You'll establish the purpose, fundamental objectives and personal inspirational criteria to move you to the next level of success.

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Course Materials

These first five days lay the foundation for developing a power purpose. There are a number of exercises designed to help you gain a greater understanding of who you are and your place in the world.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Lesson 1 PDF 566.07 KB 12 pages
Worksheet for lesson 1 PDF 108.69 KB 1 page
Personal Core Values PDF 185.99 KB 2 pages
My Personal Definite Chief Aim PDF 208.29 KB 1 page

This week you will focus on developing a basic structure for your primary purpose. You'll use a number of worksheets to create an outline with fundamental objectives. You are creating a primary purpose that will guide you in your life or work from this point forward.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Week 2 Course Materials PDF 371.31 KB 9 pages

The course materials for week 3.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Week 3 Course Material PDF 258.28 KB 6 pages
A Definite Chief Aim PDF 229.23 KB 5 pages

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Eric Mulford

Eric Mulford is a sales/success coach specializing in a technique called Power Thinking! Eric transforms professionals into Power Thinkers capable of achieving extraordinary levels of success by developing new patterns of thinking so their activities produce exceptional outcomes.

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