Seven Steps to Heart Centered Selling

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Price: FREE Date Published: June 18, 2010
Hours: 2.00 School: Heart Centered Solutions
Materials: Teacher: Scott Schilling
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Seven Steps to Heart Centered Selling is an introductory course to get you familiar with how to make the 14 inch journey from your head to your heart as you present your products, services or cause to others. More importantly, you will learn that it is not about what you have to offer, it is about what the prospect needs and how what you offer fits and benefits them.

You will learn to create an environment for others to buy what you have to offer by coming from a place of service. Heart Centered Selling will free you to fulfill the desires of others as you also fulfill your desire for success. These lessons will help you understand the seven steps to the Heart Centered Selling cycle and how to be more success, at higher margins with less effort.

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Course Materials

Welcome to Heart Centered Selling. This session will set your path towards taking this information and implementing it smoothly.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Welcome Audio 13.79 MB 7.53 minutes

The first step in the cycle is to Examine the Market. This is learning the ins and outs of prospecting.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Examine The Market Audio 26.78 MB 14.63 minutes
Worksheet # 1 - Examine The Market PDF 59.63 KB  

The second step is to make contact with the field. This session gives you insight on how to create new relationships quickly and easily.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Notify the Field Audio 25.17 MB 13.75 minutes
Worksheet # 2 - Notify the Field PDF 55.59 KB  

The third step can be categorized as qualifying. This is the process of understanding your prospect, their needs, wants and desires.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Harvesting the Facts Audio 26.08 MB 14.24 minutes
Worksheet # 3 - Harvesting the Facts PDF 59.10 KB  

The fourth step is the first time you present what you have to offer. Presentation skills play a critical role in your success.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Announce the Offer Audio 18.78 MB 10.26 minutes
Worksheet # 4 - Announce the Offer PDF 15.10 KB  

The fifth step is understanding and welcoming objections. Every selling situation has them; you need to learn to handle them efficiently.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Negotiate Their Concerns Audio 28.90 MB 15.78 minutes
Worksheet # 5 - Negotiate Their Concerns PDF 58.16 KB  

The sixth step is asking for the order and closing the sale. It's time to confirm that all parties understand and agree with the terms of the sale.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Confirm the Agreement Audio 23.41 MB 12.79 minutes
Worksheet # 6 - Confirm the Agreement PDF 56.81 KB  

The seventh and final step is to cultivate additional business opportunities by asking for referrals. This steps leads you back to the first completing the cycle.

  Material Name Type Size Length
Explore Additional Opportunities Audio 23.06 MB 12.59 minutes
Worksheet # 7 - Explore Additional Opportunities PDF 57.88 KB  

Course Reviews

Scott Schilling

After spending more than thirty years in the sales, marketing, training, management, and speaking arenas, Scott is uniquely qualified to help individuals and organizations achieve the success they desire. With vast experience over a range of industries, Scott's value-added conceptual expertise in all aspects of business shouts out loud and clear.

While going to the University of Iowa on a football scholarship, Scott became a licensed life insurance agent at the age of eighteen. In his first month in business, Scott sold over a quarter million dollars worth of insurance. It's not hard to understand that with the years of personal selling background he has embodied, armed with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with majors in marketing and insurance, Scott possesses the expertise necessary to educate, empower, and inspire others to achieve "their" success.

Since his years at Iowa, Scott has worked for and with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, service organizations and individuals, to not only grow personally but to prepare him with a breadth of knowledge and experience to aid in his sharing that collection of expertise. When it comes to understanding the opportunity at hand, there are few others that can grasp the issues, diagnose the problems, design the remedy, and implement the cure as well as Scott.

As an Internationally acclaimed Trainer, Speaker, Author, Success Expert and Philanthropist, Scott has led the field in training others, presenting as a top professional speaker, writing inspiration works with practical application and executing the very success strategies he teaches. Scott's goal is to maximize the potential and God-given talents of all the individuals and organizations he encounters.

Scott works from the understanding that "to whom much is entrusted-much is expected"!

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