Stop Smoking Using Thought Field Therapy

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Price: $47.00 Date Published: July 27, 2010
Hours: 1.00 School: Thought Field Therapy® Self-Help Progams
Materials: Teacher: Roger Callahan
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Course Description

HOPE WITH REASON - Beat the nicotine addiction

Many cigarette addicts have tried various approaches and have been unable to quit. The addiction has proven too strong for them, and they feel hopeless.

Hope without reason is often self-delusion and is not worth much. But there is now reason for the addict to have hope.
Evidence of the success of these rapid new techniques for conquering psychological problems is presented in the video and guide.

Keep in mind that these results show the power of this approach in eliminating anxiety problems of many years duration. Remember also that anxiety forms the basis for the psychological addiction to cigarettes. When you eliminate your urge for a cigarette, you are doing for yourself the same thing which was done for those anxious call-in radio guests. You are eliminating, not covering up or hiding, but eliminating the basis for the psychological addiction.

Take note of the high success rate. Most of these guests were helped within five minutes with their anxiety problem. That is an unusually high success rate and it was made possible by the discovery of the correction of psychological reversal. You will learn more about psychological reversal as you read further. If it were not known how to correct psychological reversal, the success rate would have been one-third less.

When a person is reversed it is impossible to help them. This is true whatever kind of treatment is used, but it is dramatically and obviously true when the Callahan Treatment is used because the effect of the treatment is immediate.

With these new discoveries and their demonstrated effectiveness, even over the radio or by telephone, a rational person has a good reason now to have hope.

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Course Materials

Please download the workbook and watch the video. You'll be on your way to finding a new sense of health and calm using the TFT Stop Smoking method.

Please allow approximately 1 hour to view the video.

  Material Name Type Size Length
The TFT Stop Smoking Guide PDF 333.92 KB 3 pages
The TFT Stop Smoking Video Video 165.16 MB 52.38 minutes

Course Reviews

Roger Callahan

Thought Field Therapy® (TFT) is a little-known, but highly effective, drug-free and non-invasive way to reduce or eliminate even chronic pain without the risk of medications.

TFT meridian tapping is the sequential tapping procedure that Dr. Roger Callahan discovered, provides a code to nature's healing system... when applied to problems it addresses their fundamental causes, balancing the body's energy system, and allows you to eliminate most negative emotions or fears within minutes.

TFT was discovered and developed by California clinical psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan. It works with nature's healing system combining the acupressure meridian system and modern psychology.

We have created a self-help series for those wanting to overcome fears, mental blocks, addictions and trauma.

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