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Have you ever spent hours reading material you needed to know for an important business meeting or to take an examination at school only to find yourself unable to answer the questions asked by your client or instructor? Your problem can be solved by learning the #1 strategy for increasing reading comprehension. First, let’s learn about two massive mistakes most people make that create poor reading comprehension.
Think about this: how do you know when you successfully studied? There are two common answers. The first measurement is time. “I know that I studied enough last night because I spent 6 hours pouring over my material.” The second measurement is how many pages were read. “I know that I studied enough last night because I read over 400 pages of text.” Does it really matter how long or how many pages you read? In a word, “no”. Let me prove this to you.
Years ago when I was a science teacher and elected to take an advanced placement exam on Educational Psychology to earn four graduate credits in education. There was a six hour advanced placement test that I would need to pass to earn these credits. As the world’s fastest reader, I was busy starting my first learning company in the evening, and teaching full time during the day. I was so busy I didn’t pay attention to my upcoming exam. The week before the test, I viewed my time planner and realized I had seven hours of study time available to learn the material for the test that was taking place the next week. Only 7 hours! I studied the book for 7 hours, and then completed the six hour exam in only 50 minutes. Guess what happened? I scored a B+ and earned four graduate credits. More importantly, the total amount of time I spent was less than 8 hours for both studying and taking the exam. Did either the number of pages or amount of time I studied matter? No, what mattered was my comprehension and ability to answer the questions correctly. Let me teach you the comprehension secret I used so you can immediately improve your results.
The single most important comprehension secret is to read with a purpose. When you read with a purpose your unconscious begins to scan for important information and alerts you when you find it. It unleashes the full learning power of your brain. Let’s perform a simple experiment to prove this.
Take a look around you and memorize all the blue objects you can see. Next close your eyes. Now, with your eyes closed try to recall all of the red objects in the room. What happens? You brain says, “that’s not fair you said blue not red.”
Something else also happened. Blue things got bigger, brighter, and louder. Everything else, including red objects go smaller, dimmer, and lower. When you read with a purpose your brain pulls the important information from the text more efficiently so you comprehension increases. The next time you study, target the material you believe is important, and watch how much better your comprehension becomes.
At you can learn how to increase your reading comprehension using brain-based learning strategies in just a few short hours. If you are the kind of person who wants to maximize their reading comprehension, then take a moment to sign up for more free reading and learning tips. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily you can improve your reading comprehension level by learning a few more strategies that are as simple as the one explained in this article.

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Your associates may suspect that your are bionic when your demonstrate your incredible ability to learn and retain information in a flash.

How often has this happened to you: You meet someone and they stop to say hello. Suddenly, you realize, “I don’t remember their name. Even worst I need to... Show More

Your associates may suspect that your are bionic when your demonstrate your incredible ability to learn and retain information in a flash.

How often has this happened to you: You meet someone and they stop to say hello. Suddenly, you realize, “I don’t remember their name. Even worst I need to introduce them to my wife. What am I going to do?” What a terrible feeling this creates. I have good news for you. Your Super Memory Secrets program will enable you to remember and recall names and much, much more effortlessly.

Imagine being able to study a list of new terms and definitions over breakfast, and then recall and use them at an important business meeting or on an examination at school.

Imagine being able to learn foreign languages, scientific and mathematical symbols, confident in your ability to use them with ease.

Imagine remembering dates, addresses, and important statistics about products using a simple technique that only takes a few minutes to learn.

In fact, you will learn how to instantly memorize a list of objects using a very easy to use technique. You will be amazed as you easily recall your list in any sequence after only a few short minutes of study. This technique makes learning a list is so that I taught it to my grandchildren when they were three years old, and they still remember the list they learned today…seven years later!

You can have all of this and more with Super Memory Secrets. Show Less

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Get ready to unleash your full memory power.

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Course Reviews

Howard Berg

Howard Stephen Berg is recognized as the world’s fastest reader thanks to the cutting edge accelerated learning techniques he developed that turn information overload into information assets. Respected internationally for his contribution to the learning process, he is listed in the 1990 Guinness Book of World Records for reading more than 25,000 words a minute and writing more than 100 words a minute. Howard uses his talents to train you on how to stay on top of the information your success depends upon.

Howard is a graduate of S.U.N.Y., Binghamton where he majored in Biology and then completed a four-year Psychology program in one year. His graduate studies at several New York City colleges focused on the Psychology of reading.

Currently he is the spokesperson for the SONY E-Reader along with Justin Timberlake, Peyton Manning, and Amy Sedaris. He is also a featured guest on Fox News, and Fox Business News with Neil Cavuto.

Howard has created more than 14 other accelerated learning programs including speed math, and memory. Berg’s Time-Warner book, “Super Reading Secrets,” is in its 28th reprint, and Barrons books requested him to write a text for students. Howard’s Nightingale-Conant program, “Mega Speed Reading,” grossed over $65,000,000, and established him as a leader in brain-based learning.

He is mentioned in a number of books as a leading expert on brain based learning, and has been honored by over 9 books that track outstanding professional performance including, “Who’s Who Among Emerging Leaders, and 2,000 Notable American Men”.
Howard has appeared on over 1,000 radio and television programs including Neil Cavuto, Jon Stewart, and Live With Regis. His brain-based learning strategies have been hailed as a major breakthrough in publications like Forbe’s FYI, Selling, Men’s Health, Red Book, and Bottom Line Magazine, and have been featured in dozens of newspaper interviews throughout North America.

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