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Who can message me?
As a student, the only people who can message you are your teachers. Once you have enrolled in a course a teacher will only have access to your member...
Is it possible to attach a file to a message?
Yes, you can attach certain types of files to mail messages you send to your students or teacher.
How many people can I message at once?
As a student you can only send to one person at a time. As a teacher you can send to an entire class or just one student.
How do I send a message?
Once logged in, under the My Account Tab, click on the Inbox tab, followed by the New Message link. Select the person you want to email, and click Write Message
Error message: "This message has already been sent"
When you mail someone, the system checks to see if you have already sent that email. If you are sending a duplicate message, you will receive this message,...
Can I include link, a photo or video in in my message?
To add a link into your message just cut and paste the entire web address including the http://. You can attach certain types of files, photos and videos...
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