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The Institute for First Time Home Buyers is an home buyers Institute founded by John Fuller designed to educate, assist, develop and create home owners, by using his amazing Home Buying System. This is a system that has a proven track record. This is a program that creates home owners by giving a clear understanding of credit, credit repair, banking, buying /selling and the building/construction industries.

Homebuyer Education:

It’s Essential to Be Prepared!

Who has the benefits…everybody? By increasing the pool of potential buyers and creating a larger pool of buyers and enabling more prospects to buy a home. We all benefit whether your involvement is a realtor, lender, a community leader, a housing authority or non-profit service you should recognize the need for financial literacy and informed consumers. When we coordinate our interests and resources we can enable more potential buyers to own their homes.

John Fuller

John Fuller is the company founder and author of “The Official Homebuyers Guide- Volume One” and creator of “The Complete Homebuyers—Financial Kit”. John has over 20 years experience in the credit, banking, sales/ buying and building / construction industries.

John is addressing the need in today’s changing real estate market as well as the credit, banking and building/construction industries by way of education. John Fuller and JFG is a group of professional reliable sources that provides facts and education to empower clients with information based foundation needed in order to begin the process as educated consumers.

Our pre-purchase service significantly decreases the chance that the homebuyer will default on the new mortgage.

Our post- purchase service allows families to better manage the asset of their home and accumulate wealth for future

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