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The courses offered by Defense By Design are designed to help you better prepare youself as an individual when approached in moments of vulnerability that could lead to either exploitation or violence, whether fiscal or physical.

These courses offer strategies that can help you better discern friend from foe, as you learn that there are no such things as safe or unsafe "places," only safe or unsafe "people," and how to potentially distinguish between the two.

Whether seeking to gain access to you, your family, your money or anything else you value, there are often early-warning signs of possible threat. Defense By Design offers courses that are designed to help you identify these signs and thus avoid potentially harmful encounters and interactions with the wrong people.

The bottom line is that these courses are designed to help you "learn to spot trouble before trouble spots you!"


Jeff McKissack

Jeff McKissack is a noted authority in the field of preventing violent crime. Over the past 20 years, he has personally addressed over 300,000 in "live" events, let alone radio and television interviews across the country.

Jeff is also a contributing writer to both Black Belt Magazine and Martial Arts Success Magazine with over 20 years of teaching experience in the field of physical defense. He has worked with some of the same trainers to many of Hollywood's A-List "action" celebrities.

But Jeff's main goal lies in his ability to better assist the everyday person in spotting trouble before it spots them, and avoiding danger whenever and wherever possible.

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