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Reuters News Service recently reported that the online learning market will grow to more than $24 BILLION over the next four years.

What's driving all this growth?

Thousands of smart authors, Internet marketers, ad agencies - even politicians - have embraced the reality that, more and more, people are going online for their education. The proliferation of online schools, healthcare education, technology training, investment advice, professional training - even K-12 education - is feeding the demand of millions who look to the Internet first for their educational needs. These consumers know they'll find the largest number of options, experts, formats, and prices when they get there.

Add to the mix the upsurge of online marketing outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, iTunes apps and the newly emerging interactive ebooks - and this means that, more than ever, being found as an expert online (and educating your potential customers there) is more important than ever.

Have you taken your message, expertise, brand and products online yet?

Or Is Technology and Lack of Products Stopping YOU From Getting Online Now?

There's still time to build your expert presence online. But, unfortunately, what stops most people is the complicated process of producing their own online educational course - then finding an easy way to sell it online. What information should I include? they wonder. How do I write the course? they ask. How can I posture myself as an expert the market wants to listen to?

But even more importantly, Once I've created my new online course, how can I convince people to buy it?

Fortunately, publishing expert and online education strategist Janet Switzer has the answers. For the past 22 years, she's been the secret marketing weapon behind many of the biggest names you've heard in the publishing, training and education fields.

Chicken Soup for the Soul... Jack Canfield... Mark Victor Hansen... Jay Abraham... Les Brown... Yanik Silver... Laurie Beth Jones... Dr. Roger Callahan... All these star authors have been her high profile clients.

In fact, they've paid her a fortune to create new products and profit centers for their businesses - but she's never revealed her system for rapidly creating and selling quality training products...

Until now.

If you've ever wanted to be a published author... an internationally renowned speaker... a syndicated columnist... an expert on the six o'clock news...

If your business or professional career would benefit from corporations, national media and third-party marketers "discovering" you as the leading expert in your field and bringing you exciting deals and national exposure...

If you'd like to add easy profit centers to your business that return staggering 85% to 95% profit margins selling products and consulting time priced at $5,000 or more...

Janet Switzer can help you master the BUSINESS of the online learning business.

In fact, not only is she the strategist who's been creating these profit centers for over 20 years, she is herself a New York Times Bestselling coauthor and international speaker - and one of the top information-product marketers alive today.

She's perfected the art of turning expertise of any kind into 52 different income streams ranging from book deals to coaching programs, high-priced consulting, seminars, licensing, subscription products, corporate contracts and more.

Now, she's offering to help boost your online presence and grow your business revenues using online training courses as a powerful marketing vehicle!

Janet Switzer

Janet Switzer has not only built highly visible information product empires spanning hundreds of specialty titles for recognized authors and experts, she's engineered countless information marketing campaigns and generated millions of dollars in the process.

Janet Switzer knows how to turn expertise in any field into publishing assets and promotional activity that generates substantial revenue.

Over a four-year period, she built business-growth guru Jay Abraham's publishing division from seven titles to more than 320 titles for both the general business market and specialty professional markets. She developed an entire catalog operation with a national telemarketing sales force offering books and multi-media products priced from $49 to $5,000.

She was instrumental in launching a multi-million dollar seminar division for Mr. Abraham, including developing seminar curriculum materials and coordinating marketing programs for seminars priced from $5,000 to $25,000. And, she ghosted for Mr. Abraham one of the highest-priced softcover books of all time – Recession Proofing Your Business: How to Outmaneuver, Outwit & Outmarket Your Most Formidable Competitors Before They Know What's Hit Them -- selling at $1,000 per copy.

For a self-published author in the alternative health care market, Janet developed a seminar division, a subscription consulting program, consumer advertising campaigns and a brand licensing program that generated more than $1,000,000 in just 294 days. Additionally, she developed an international distributor network for the previously unknown author's books and audio tape programs, including selling the Canadian distribution rights to an investor consortium who later franchised retail-style health clinics around the brand.

Janet Switzer has worked to advance the brands of many established authors, including developing book marketing campaigns, a radio syndication campaign and train-the-trainer program marketing for seasoned author Laurie Beth Jones (Jesus CEO, Jesus in Blue Jeans and The Path for Hyperion).

Since 1993, Janet Switzer has been the marketing expert of choice for Jack Canfield's in-house seminar and publishing divisions, for Mr. Canfield's Souper Speakers speakers bureau, and for Mark Victor Hansen's seminar and in-house catalog activity. As well, she's developed media campaigns, direct mail campaigns and specialty market campaigns for Chicken Soup for the Soul since 1993.

Because of her expertise in marketing intangibles and information, Janet Switzer has become one of America's top advisors to entrepreneurs, consultants, direct sales professionals, professional practitioners, specialty businesses and other entrepreneurial and corporate groups who benefit from being both published and publicized.

She's counseled more than 50,000 companies and entrepreneurs worldwide in leveraging their expertise and information assets for untold millions in potential windfall revenue.

She helps achievers who are experts in their field attain worldwide status and million-dollar incomes by building publishing empires around their business strategies, training concepts, industry expertise and unique market posture.

Her multi-media short-course How Experts Build Empires: The Step-By-Step System for Turning Your Expertise Into Super-Lucrative Profit Centers is the industry's definitive work on the subject of developing and marketing information products.

Miss Switzer is also a popular radio and television talk show guest and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the New York Times, Time Magazine, MSNBC, US Weekly, Publishers Weekly and countless other periodicals and media outlets worldwide. She is a former journalist and is now a guest columnist with numerous publications around the world.

Janet Switzer is also an internationally-recognized keynote speaker appearing before thousands of entrepreneurs, independent sales professionals, corporate employees and industry association members to share the principles of success, income generation and building an information empire.

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