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This course is meant for all those who are involved in assisting fighting athletes of any competitive form of martial art or martial sport and are part of the so called Corner Crew.
Many senior as well as junior fighters are often required to do corner crew work in order to support their school or fellow students. It is often the first step for a junior student towards competing him or herself. A major problem however is a lack of experience. Senior trainers and coaches often lack the time to fully instruct their corner crew members before the season of competition starts. This course is designed to solve this problem and teach the corner crew member everything he or she needs to know to fully assist and support the competing athlete without any delay in performance and avoiding many mistakes and problems.

Several examples of popular competitive martial arts or martial sports are:

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
Kick Boxing
Muay Thai

For individuals:
Doing the corner crew course shows your commitment to your school and teacher/trainer. It also gives you the knowledge and know-how to do a good job as you would expect a member of a corner crew to do for you when you are competing. Getting a certificate when you pass the test is proof of your knowledge and commitment.
For schools and institutions:
Having your students do this corner crew course prevents mistakes and mishaps and will result in better performing competing students. It also gives students a sense of involvement which results in loyalty and a generally happy atmosphere in your school. The course can be done all year round so your crew can be knowledgeable and ready whenever you need them.

At the end of the course you will complete an online examination. The examination will be in the form of a multiple choice test. When you meet the required pass mark you will get certified.

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