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Webster's Academy for Excellence in Writing provides live, online instruction in the Blended Structure and Style Program of Teaching Writing originally authored by Dr. J.B. Webster. Students who are unable to attend the live course may participate by way of recordings of the live classes and completing the assignments given to the online students.

Webster's provides Writing instruction for students beginning as low as Grade 4 all the way through to upper University levels, in academic, research and reference, and creative writing providing structural models and stylistic techniques which will dramatically improve a student['s writing at any level.

Bryan Rempel

Bryan Rempel, M.A.
and J.B. Webster Ph.D.

Bryan Rempel is a Certified Master Teacher of the Blended Structure and Style program of Writing and an Accomplished Instructor with the Institute for Excellence in Writing. His years of mentoring with Dr. Webster have qualified him to teach the Summer Teacher Training programs and Professional Development Seminars which Dr. Webster no longer personally offers. As a founder of Webster's Academy for Excellence in Writing, he brings a depth of understanding to the program which he enthusiastically communicates to his students.

For over one hundred years, the name Webster has been synonymous with words, clarity and communication. Now the practical use of those concepts is available through the writing program created by Dr. J.B. Webster. While the educational system has struggled to present this vital discipline to its students, Webster’s Academy for Excellence in Writing has chosen to specialize in this often neglected area.

The writing system developed by Dr. Webster spans more than half a century of classroom implementation and development. From a one-room log schoolhouse in Northern Saskatchewan teaching fifty-five students in grades one through ten, to training Ph.D. candidates at prestigious universities in Canada and Africa, Dr. Webster brings a rare breadth of experience, wisdom and simplicity to the discipline of writing.

Webster’s Academy was founded to perpetuate the quality and integrity of the teaching writing system developed by Dr. Webster. Today that same writing system is passed on through “Master Teachers” who are uniquely qualified to train instructors in the full “Blended Structure and Style” Program which forms the foundation for the Excellence in Writing program. These instructors faithfully pass on to their Webster’s Academy students the same teaching and support they would have received from Dr. Webster personally.

Webster's Academy for Excellence in Writing courses offered through Learnopia are taught by a variety of highly trained, qualified and committed teachers whose live online courses and accompanying materials have been recorded for use on this site.

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