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Super Memory Secrets
Have you ever spent hours reading material you needed to know for an important business meeting or to take an examination at school only to find yourself unable to answer the questions asked by your client or instructor? Your problem can...
$147.00 - 2.50 hours -
Mecánica de Fluidos
Curso introductorio de mecánica de fluidos. En este curso se tratan temas elementales de la mecánica de fluidos, tales como propiedades y clasificación de fluidos, hidrostática, análisis integral y diferencial de fluidos, análisis dimensional...
FREE - 75.00 hours -
Maximum Power Reading: The World's Most Powerful Speed Reading Program
Maximum Power Reading: The World's Most Powerful Speed Reading Program Everything You Need To Know For Succeeding In Today’s Information-Laden Workplace Or Classroom Imagine reading your monthly stack of trade journals, textbooks, and...
$147.00 - 4.00 hours -
How to Write Excellent Essays
"How to Write Excellent Essays" presents the specific models, practical techniques and easy-to-use tools presented in the book "How to Write Excellent Essays with Structure and Style in Seven Easy Steps" - a long title for reference guide short...
$87.00 - 9.00 hours -
Electronic Records Management
ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT & RECORDS MANAGEMENT SYNOPSIS The movement toward electronic records offers unprecedented opportunities to improve business efficiency via cheaper storage, faster information retrieval and automation of records management...
$450.00 - 40.00 hours -