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Voiceover Course
What is the Hudson Voice Technique? It is the world's only qualification for voiceovers. It is a powerful structured technique that has a permanent affect, so there is no doubt that the Hudson Voice Technique is one of the most important tools...
$199.00 - 16.00 hours -
The Five-Minute Cure for Public Speaking and Other Fears
The power of Thought Field Therapy® is well known when it comes to overcoming the fear of public speaking, or any fear and anxiety when it comes to speaking to people... regardless if it’s on stage, in an office in front of a small group...
$77.00 - 4.00 hours -
Super Memory Secrets
Have you ever spent hours reading material you needed to know for an important business meeting or to take an examination at school only to find yourself unable to answer the questions asked by your client or instructor? Your problem can...
$147.00 - 2.50 hours -
Overcome Love Pain and Other Traumas
Roger Callahan's Thought Field Therapy® helps heal the emotional wounds caused by love pain and other traumas. If you've been hurt by a loved one, been rejected, or suffered an emotional trauma, Thought Field Therapy can help you get...
$37.00 - 1.00 hours -
Maximum Power Reading: The World's Most Powerful Speed Reading Program
Maximum Power Reading: The World's Most Powerful Speed Reading Program Everything You Need To Know For Succeeding In Today’s Information-Laden Workplace Or Classroom Imagine reading your monthly stack of trade journals, textbooks, and...
$147.00 - 4.00 hours -
Un manual de referencia imprescindible tanto para los que conocen el Eneagrama como para aquellos que tienen curiosidad sobre es modelo de las personalidades humanas. El libro trata con respeto a la teoría original, adapatada por Claudio Naranjo...
$9.99 - 25.00 hours -
Curso de Formação em TED Máster
TED é uma técnica que diferentemente dos tipos existentes no mercado, onde o profissional foca somente em uma área como por exemplo: Coaching, onde o consultor atua como um expectador, que fica ouvindo seu cliente, analisando e fazendo...
$49.00 - 260.00 hours -