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Tortugas 2
TORTUGAS es un curso en audio diseñado con el propósito de crear una simple y elegante apertura hacia nuevas posibilidades de realización. Te invito a embarcarte junto a mi en este curso en audio para crear la vida de tus sueños. Comienza...
$47.00 - 1.00 hours -
The Five-Minute Cure for Public Speaking and Other Fears
The power of Thought Field Therapy® is well known when it comes to overcoming the fear of public speaking, or any fear and anxiety when it comes to speaking to people... regardless if it’s on stage, in an office in front of a small group...
$77.00 - 4.00 hours -
Power Purposes
The is the foundational lesson in the Power Coaching Series. You will identify your primary purpose in your life or your business. You'll establish the purpose, fundamental objectives and personal inspirational criteria to move you to the next...
FREE - 8.00 hours -
Overcome Love Pain and Other Traumas
Roger Callahan's Thought Field Therapy® helps heal the emotional wounds caused by love pain and other traumas. If you've been hurt by a loved one, been rejected, or suffered an emotional trauma, Thought Field Therapy can help you get...
$37.00 - 1.00 hours -
Abundance and Prosperity Audio Course- English
Did You Know That Abundance And Prosperity Come Naturally? Let Us Show You How — and Bring Joy and Passion Back Into Your Life. Here’s what you’ll get in the 4-Week Tune-In To Abundance program: The...
$77.00 - 4.50 hours -