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PLUJO Expert Certificate
This is the official PLUJO course for web site designers to become certified PLUJO Experts. This course includes walk throughs of creating a template and customizing dynamics and snippets. To become an official PLUJO Expert designers must...
FREE - 3.00 hours -
Curso de Formação em TED Máster
TED é uma técnica que diferentemente dos tipos existentes no mercado, onde o profissional foca somente em uma área como por exemplo: Coaching, onde o consultor atua como um expectador, que fica ouvindo seu cliente, analisando e fazendo...
$49.00 - 260.00 hours -
Check Sheets - Essential Technique for Quality and Productivity Management
This course will impart knowledge, improve skills and make students familiar in using Check Sheets, an important management technique that will enhance the effective and efficient decision making for improved quality and productivity.
$20.00 - 2.00 hours -
BOB - The Business Operations Blueprint
Attention: Business Owners, Chief Officers, Solo Entrepreneurs! Do you work in an independently owned business, a corporation, a non-profit, or a family owned business? ARE YOU TIRED OF WORRYING THAT YOUR BUSINESS MIGHT FAIL? DO YOU...
$597.00 - 11.00 hours -