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Success is Your Responsibility
Success is Your Responsibility is a series designed to give you the understanding and skill set necessary to take control of your life and profession to achieve whatever it is you desire in life. This course presents 16 foundational success...
$97.00 - 4.00 hours -
Social Justice Youth Leadership Training Program
The Didi Society works to promote sustainable development by empowering women through fair trade and educating youth on social justice issues locally. Through this training program, you will acquire the skills, knowledge and experience to take...
FREE - 20.00 hours -
Seven Steps to Heart Centered Selling
Seven Steps to Heart Centered Selling is an introductory course to get you familiar with how to make the 14 inch journey from your head to your heart as you present your products, services or cause to others. More importantly, you will learn...
FREE - 2.00 hours -
Selling Your Way to Success
Selling Your Way to Success is a comprehensive home study course covering everything sales from A to Z. This series will give you a complete understanding of the selling process including what selling is and what it isn't. You will learn the...
$297.00 - 7.75 hours -
Human Resource Management
INTRODUCTION Employees are the life blood of any company and keeping your employees happy is a main goal of any human resources department. We believe our clients achieve peak performance through the optimal use of the talents of their employees....
$400.00 - 40.00 hours -
Curso de Formação em TED Máster
TED é uma técnica que diferentemente dos tipos existentes no mercado, onde o profissional foca somente em uma área como por exemplo: Coaching, onde o consultor atua como um expectador, que fica ouvindo seu cliente, analisando e fazendo...
$49.00 - 260.00 hours -
Check Sheets - Essential Technique for Quality and Productivity Management
This course will impart knowledge, improve skills and make students familiar in using Check Sheets, an important management technique that will enhance the effective and efficient decision making for improved quality and productivity.
$20.00 - 2.00 hours -