Teacher: Patrick Taranto

Bio of Patrick Taranto : ESCP 89 , Career Coach and Recruiter

He is a researcher reporter in HR and a result maker to get people hired and companies get top talent.

He has 20 years of experience in HR
His philosophy is "Find your voice" . He wants to help other people
to find their calling and companies to get top talent.
After his master degree in ESCP Europe , he
struggled to become a consultant in one of the most prestigious HR
then he battled to found his own company Media JD .
He is now the author of Quick Start Job Guide and Adequatis Career Guide .He is also the editor of several ebooks on entrepreneurship,personal and professional development .
He has more 454 contacts on linkedin , 4000 views on Youtube
He has partners all over the world
He went from 0 sales to more than 10 big projects per year
He has hundreds of testimonials from satisfied customers and clients.
He had some press coverage ( par exemple ESCP magazine)
He has a lot of prestigious clients ( Businesses and consumers)
He has developped more than 50 products and services to help individuals and companies grow.


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