Teacher: Kal Kotecha

Kal Kotecha has been passionately involved in the holistic health field for two decades. He has studied Herbology, Bach Flower Remedies and Cellular Memory Release and holds certification in Radionics, Homotoxicology, Reflexology, Aromatherapy (CAHP), Nutrition (Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner, RNCP) and is a Reiki Master. He has a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), double majoring in Psychology and Economics completed in 1992. In 2002, he successfully finished his Masters in Education (M.Ed.). His thesis was on cellular memory and retracing. He has written a book titled, "Spiritual Energy Alignment...A New Wave in Life through Cellular Memory Release" and aims to have it published in the very near future. In 2007, he completed his Master's of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program.

Kal is a fully accredited and certified Aromatherapist/Instructor, specialising in Holistic Aromatherapy, encompassing the mind, body, and spirit. He personally instructs others to become Aromatherapists through the Academy of Aromatherapy, his own instructional school. Hundreds of graduates have successfully become Aromatherpists since the first Academy of Aromatherapy class in 1994. Kal has created his own course syllabus which is nationally recognized.

Kal’s practice is based on the European Lymphatic Drainage fundamentals, and he designs special blends of oils tailored to each client’s needs. Massage strokes are concentrated towards the lymph glands, which assists the body to expel toxins from its systems.

Kal Kotecha has developed his own quality line of Aromatherapy blends to further enhance his trade. Kal’s signature Aromatherapy blends include a Body Rub for aching muscle and joints, mixtures to help alleviate Stress, Colds and Headaches and a Romance blend to enhance one’s love life and/or well-being. In addition to these pre-blended oils, Kal has his own professional and integral line of Pure Essential Oils. Kal Kotecha’s Aromatherapy Massage instructional video deals with the Art of Aromatherapy, the proper usage of oils in massage and other techniques surrounding the Art of Aromatherapy and Massage.

In order to further enhance the marketing of this beneficial and healing process, Kal has created a television spot to promote his quality products and his informative video. He was also the host of the national television spot, "The Natural Pathway" which provided information on holistic health topics. Kal's work and case studies have been published in numerous journals; newspapers and industry related-related magazines across the country, and he has appeared on television talk shows to further enhance the knowledge of others on the topic of Aromatherapy. Kal also was an Aromatherapy advisor in the best selling book, Alternative Cures.

Kal Kotecha’s intense passion for Aromatherapy and holistic health is apparent in all his work, and this facilitates his dedication to teach others about the Wonderful World of Holistic Aromatherapy.

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