Teacher: Rhonda Bennett

Rhonda Bennett began playing piano by ear at the age of 3. Her formal lessons began one year later and she was traditionally/classically trained through the completion of a Bachelor's of Science degree in music education from the University of Nebraska in 1980. Since that time, Rhonda has taught private and group piano as well as adult chord style piano workshops after receiving training and certification from the New School of American Music in chord style piano, play by ear and blues piano styles. She has also composed numerous piano solos, some of which have been published and others yet to be published in the near future. Her philosophy of piano playing and teaching is that a broad based approach with many applications and a generous exposure in a variety of genres is the most useful and fun. It is her hope and expectation that these courses will expand on one or more areas where students lack understanding or ability and that considerable enjoyment and satisfaction will be obtained as a result.


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Piano Theory for Many


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Comprehending Chords Piano Theory for Many  

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