Teacher: Pierre Provost

Who Is Pierre Provost ?

Pierre Provost is a direct marketing and copywriting pro that produces results that pay you.

Specializing in direct marketing for almost 20 years, Pierre studied with Christian Godefroy, a self-made multi-millionaire and a legend in copywriting circles. He believes in integrated direct marketing and scientifically-measured direct response advertising like the legends David Ogilvy, John Caples, Claude Hopkins and Roser Reeves.

Pierre has created breakthrough campaigns for OneCoach.com owner, John Assaraf, real estate multi-millionaire. For example in a single online direct response campaign, he made $21,000 in net sales for a high ticket seminar in only 4 weeks. He created the web site pages and email campaigns that helped him build his new business.

He also worked with multi-million dollar best-selling author, Laura Corn, to sell and translate her 101 Nights Of Grrreat Sex book with one million copies sold in North-America in 2 years, for french speaking countries around the world.

He created online buzz marketing ideas for Michele Blood of www.musivation.com with her daily positive song for success, created her ringtone web site and helped Dr. Steve Levinson’s spread his Motivaider eBook, The Complete Guide To The Motivaider in a viral campaign at http://www.thesuccessprogram.com/new_brain_motivation_tool.html.

He wrote sales copy for Jesus Nebot of www.jesusnebot.com, and created a complete online business for Sharon Mayo.

He is presently working on some exciting new campaigns. For most of his career, Pierre has worked exclusively on a fee-plus-royalty basis (tied to results).

He is also a best-selling author of several books in English and in French, Tune In To The Genius Within: How To Master The Science Of Peak Performance, The One-Minute Brain Trainer, Olympic & Pro-Tips: A 30-Day Mental Training Program, Mental Game Plans: How To Become A Millionaire, which you can discover at http://www.TheSuccessProgram.com.

Pierre holds degrees in Psychology, Physical Education and a M.S. in Kinanthropology (study of humans in action). He is a certified teacher who has taught at all levels of education and trained thousands of people at workshops and seminars across Canada and the United States. He has shared the speaking platform with best-selling authors, world champions and gold medal winners.

Presently, he advises professional athletes, business people and multi-millionaires in peak performance psychology, copywriting and direct marketing.

He lives with his wife Anne-Marie and their lovely daughter, MĂ©lanie, in Ottawa, Canada.


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